Q: Is permanent make up safe ?

A: Yes, if done by a professional trained therapist

Q: What can I expect when going for a chemical Peel ?

A: The process takes about 30 minutes and the intensity of the treatment depends on
the results you want.  You skin might be a bit sensitive after the treatment and your skin
will then start to peel this depends on your skin type as well some people skin tend to peel
more than others . It is very important to stay out of the sun while your skin is healing. Apply and
re apply sun block twice a day after you have been for this treatment. The results are
 Healthier and smoother skin

 Q: How any treatments will I need to go for before I see results?

A: You will see results after the very first treatment there after your therapist will advise
you if there needs to be any more treatments

Q : How ofter should I have a facial ?

A: It depends on the condition of your skin. If you have acne or dry skin it will be beneficial for your skin to have a facial at least once a month. Once your skin is in a good condition and you start using the right skincare products for your skin type , you can spoil your self to a facial every couple of months .


Benefits of getting a facial

A facial is mostly done to pamper and renew your skin.

It assists in cleaning clogged pores, removing impurities and exfoliating your skin and it will also improve circulation and stimulate your skin.

The beauty therapist will also be able to do proper analyses of your skin and give you advice as well as recommend the right products for your skin type.

A facial can;

-          Helps to promote collagen production

-          Smooth out fine lines

-          Assist in slowing down the aging process

-          Help keep skin healthy

-          Reduce stress

-          Reduce the impact of environmental stress, smoking and sun damage.

Please note that  for optimal results one needs to go for facial treatments every 28 days for more intensive skin disorders more treatment is needed. The intensity of the treatment all depends on the severity of the skin problems.